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Veritas Iustitia Training & Consulting is a management consulting company dedicated to supporting organizations in all industrial and government business sectors. Veritas iustitia provides various consulting and training services in the fields of Quality / Productivity, Environment, Occupational Safety & Health and Laboratories.

Eversince it was established, Veritas Iustitia has assisted many organizations in various industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Engineering, Mining, Construction, Building Management, Information Technology, Food & Beverages, University / Education, Water Supply, Pulp & Papers, Laboratories, Services, etc.

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The most prominent company in consulting, training and personal competency development in the fields of technical, quality, health, safety, security, energy and environment in the oil and gas, construction, mining, manufacturing, and general industry sectors in Indonesia.

Sarnida Arvianne
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." — Epictetus


Become a training and consultant company that provides innovative solutions for our customers in Asia Pacific.


We provide skill training and knowledge that can significantly improve our customer’s work productivity so as to increase their contribution to the company. We also specialise in producing skilled labour that benefit our country’s economic growth.

Veritas Iustitia is a Safety Development Center in Indonesia under the KEM Indonesia Group.
Dedicated to Occupational Safety activists, practitioners, experts and companies, as well as a center for information and knowledge sharing from various sources.

Veritas Iustitia supports the development of Safety or K3 competencies in Indonesia. With the hope of providing benefits for many people, especially for workers who work within the scope of K3. Veritas Iustitia conducts OHS trainings that refer to National standards.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Our top-notch industry leaders are here to make you highly skilled as per market requirements.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our flexible online trainings and consultations help you learn at your own pace.

Professional Certification

We also provide professional certifications to fulfil your needs.


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